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Men's care

Our beauticians with years of experience are at your disposal to give you the best personalized care with high-end products and the most efficient techniques.

Face care

We offer facial treatments for all skin types and anti-aging with state-of-the-art devices (Ultrasound, Radiofrequency, Hydra Facial, etc.).

Our facial treatments from our SOTHYS AND PHARMOS NATUR brands are cosmeceutical, phyto or certified organic.

Micro needling

It is THE ANTI-AGING TREATMENT par EXCELLENCE, the last step before cosmetic surgery. It is a minimally invasive method. Micro-needles create mini skin perforations that will stimulate the production of elastin and collagen in the dermis and densify the skin while increasing the penetration and absorption of active ingredients, such as hyaluronic acid, vitamins or peptides .

This synergy between the action of the needles and the solution used multiplies the effectiveness. Your face will be plumped and your wrinkles reduced.


The HYDRA FACIAL treatment is first a DEEP EXFOLIATION and a GENTLE PEEL. GLYCOLIC or SALICYLIC ACIDS, depending on the type of skin, are projected under pressure on your skin to exfoliate and at the same time suck up dead skin. After which a DETOXIFYING and SOOTHING serum is inserted into the skin. Result: The skin is HEALTHIER and BRIGHT.


It is a treatment that allows you to TREAT RELAXING SKIN to IMPROVE the OVAL of the FACE. Very high frequency electromagnetic waves will create a heating of the cutaneous tissue which will cause a retraction of the existing collagen fibers as well as the ACTIVATION of the PRODUCTION of new COLLAGEN FIBERS.


It is a treatment that LIFTS and NOURISHS skin tissue and reduces the visible signs of aging. Ultrasound waves will create a heating in the subcutaneous tissue which will lead to an ACTIVATION of the PRODUCTION of new COLLAGEN FIBERS. Ultrasounds open pores and PENNETRATE NOURISHING ACTIVE SUBSTANCES DEEPLY.


The massage causes, among other things, a warming up of the muscles and an activation of the blood circulation. It can promote lymphatic drainage, elimination of toxins in the body, and muscle and nerve relaxation.

Awaken the youthfulness of your cells with infrared light! When it is necessary to go even further into the tissues for in-depth cellular regeneration, it is necessary to use infrared light which is known for its regenerative and healing action.

We offer 30’, 45’ or 1 hour massages under 6 medical infrared lamps.

Relaxing, draining, firming or anti-cellulite massages.

Hot Stone or hot wax massages.



The classic manicure is a treatment with filing and shaping of the nails, cuticle treatments and hand care.


The Wellness manicure is a classic manicure with the addition of a scrub, mask and hand massage.



The classic pedicure is a foot treatment with a foot bath, nail trimming and filing, treatment of cuticles and thickened skin, calluses, using a pedicure device.


The "wellness" pedicure is a classic pedicure with the addition of a SPA foot bath, exfoliation, mask and foot massage.


The "medical" pedicure is a foot treatment with a foot bath, cutting and filing of the nails, treatment of cuticles and thickened skin, calluses, using a pedicure device. It treats ingrown nails, heals corns and cracked heels. We pay a lot of attention to ensuring that our pedicure equipment is constantly disinfected and sterilized.



Waxing of eyebrows, armpits, arms, legs, back and chest.


We work in partnership with the company LASER CONCEPT for permanent professional laser hair removal for MEN and WOMEN and for the whole body.