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CELLCOSMET is the brand of CELLAP LABORATOIRES in Switzerland, which is known worldwide as an EXPERTin CELLULAR COSMECEUTICALS.

Cellcosmet combine cellular complexes, active stabilized bio-integral cells derived from a unique process, and plantand marine complexes for incomparable anti-aging results.

PHARMOS NATUR is a certified ORGANICand VEGANGERMAN brand. The products are rich in powerful active substances, medicinal and rejuvenating plants. Each plant selected contains a formidable spectrum of active ingredients. Pharmos Natur products are not water-based like most products on the market, but based on pure organic Aloe Vera.

SOTHYS emphasizesEXCLUSIVE CARE rituals and intensivetreatments for each skin type in combination with a wide range of specific sale products, as well as cosmeceuticals, to prolong the effects of home care


We work exclusively with the major brands OPI, MAVALA SUISSE and PRONAILS.


We use LAMI LASHES products.